Farm Games

A fun activity to do with preschoolers is to discuss the hatching sequence of birds. Then for math, get pictures of a bird (chick) hatching, laminate them, and have the children try to put them in order. Put the correct sequence numbers on the back so that they can check and make sure that they are correct. Our group loved trying to hatch the chicks and to see detailed pictures of the hatching process. check out these sites for pics. and this is where I got my pictures-

Tactile Tub Farm Animal Math

Start by putting some bird seed or rice, etc. into a large tub or long pan (I bought a large rectangle tub from the hardware store. You can put it on a tarp on the floor or build a stand for it so the children can sit to it on chairs). Hide a variety of small plastic farm animals in the bird seed or whatever you selected and have the children find the animals for a great tactile experience. Have them identify the animals and make the sound each animal makes as they find them. Using plastic fences or blocks make small divided sections on top of the birdseed. Ask the children to categorize the animals by putting all of the sheep in one section, all of the horses in another section, etc. After the animals are all categorized begin counting each group. Have the children decide if each new group has more or less animals then the other groups. When you have finished counting all of the groups, have the children tell you which group of all of the groups had more and which group had less.

My own idea!!!

Using a tri-fold project board 1/2 size, create three sections, farm animals, zoo animals and pets. Labeling at the top of each section. Using clip art copy, and color a number of animals associated with the groups, laminate for lasting ability. Use Velcro dots, allow children to place animals in the appropriate areas. Remember that some animals can go any place which opens up discussion with the children. No wrong answers. I have also place a picture of a farm, zoo, and house in the separate sections along with the words. Children play with this center for long periods.

Write a number onto a piece of paper…like 6 then the word chicks next to the number. Have the children dip there thumb into black ink and press their thumbs onto the strip of paper…then have them add an eye..legs…and a beak…have them do these as many times as they need to match the number on the top of the page.


Collect pictures of Farm animals and jungle animals.
Have children sort them in the math center. Then have them count which has more.

I give the children a picture of a different farm animal. (pigs, cows, hen, horse…)then the children have to make the sound of the animal and they have to find their match without talking, only making the animal sound.