Farm Art

You or the kids can cut out different animals like sheep or turkey or chickens then the children can glue cotton balls to the sheep and feathers to the turkeys or the chickens.

A chubby little snowman had a carrot for a nose
Along came a bunny and what do you suppose?
That hungry little bunny was looking for his lunch…
And he ATE that snowman’s nose. .nibble nibble. .CRUNCH

The kids love this if you add hand movements. .be creative!!

This works great with toddlers and 2s! First check with parents for chocolate allergies! Give children sturdy paper and a large spoonful or two of chocolate pudding. (The individual snack cups work great.) Let children run tractors and plastic farm animals through the “mud”. The pudding dries into a neat texture and the kids have a ball!

During our unit on “Farms”, I have the children paint a sturdy piece of cardboard green and a pint-sized milk carton red. I cut doors in the carton to make a barn and we glue it on the cardboard. We use a cardboard bathroom tissue roll for a silo and top it with half of a plastic Easter egg. This is glued next to the barn. We place shredded paper in the loft to look like hay. Then we glue purchased plastic farm animals around on the cardboard base.

Take out a large piece of butcher block paper and give the children various objects you would find on a farm. Corn on the cob, hay tied at end, apple halves, wheat, garden vegetables, etc. Give the children plates of various colors of paint and allow them to paint with the farm objects. Hang their work of art on the wall during your farm segment.

A nice art project I have done with my 4’s during farm week is to glue a pink pig cutout onto green paper and draw a fence using magic markers around the pig, Give each child a small bowl of chocolate pudding (Jell-O Instant) and allow the children to finger paint their pig in the mud. It is fun to lick your fingers clean after this project.