Family Science

Place objects pertaining to a family into a box. Include items such as a baby rattle, a toothbrush, a comb, baby bottle, etc. Have the children feel the objects and try to identify them.

Since our theme was families and it was fall, we went out for a nature walk to gather all different kinds and colors of leaves. We brought them back and used them to make collages of our families (ie. small round leaf for the head, longer wider leaf for the body and thin narrow leaves for the arms and legs). The kids had a blast and the parents liked them, too. This project combines art, science, and literacy since I had the children dictate to me at the end of the project something about their family.

We discuss our families in circle and how not all families live to gether. That’s ok because we are all different. We then make a class family graph of who has brothers and sisters, aunts , uncles, cousins, pets. They get a big kick out of comparing and seeing what there families have in common.