Family Curriculum

We asked the parents to bring in family pictures and I made a tree trunk on our wall. We placed the family pictures on as leaves and called it our family tree. The children loved learning and seeing their families everyday.

For a parent participation idea that helps my toddlers when they miss their families, I asked parents to make an audio tape of the family members reading books. They used their children’s favorite books, but I found it might be a better idea if they read books that you have in your library so the kids can flip though the book as they listen. All the kids love hearing the stories on tape, especially when the big brothers and sisters read!

Most of my toddlers are starting to really miss mom and dad through out the day. So to help ease their longing and to encourage parent child involvement, I made a project for the children and their parents. I gave each child and their parent a piece of construction, paper a clear binder divider, stickers, markers, stamps, on loan so they each can make their own family page for our class photo album. This was great everyone was very excited and did a wonderful job. the children benefited because they got learn about diversity by seeing how all families are different we celebrated these differences. They also got to be more involved as a family. The children loved taking turns looking at our photo album. It lead to wonderful discussions about diversity.