Family Art

During family week for my pre-school class I went to the local shoe store the week end before and got shoe boxes for each student. On Monday they children painted the inside and inside lid of their box they’re favorite color. On Wednesday the children decorated the outside of their box with collage materials, sequins, foam shapes, etc… On Thursday for show-n-tell the children brought in family photos to share. We then put the photos in their “Family box” and each day during transition from lunch, bathroom, to nap they may look at their family photos before the lights go out. This has made this hectic time much more enjoyable for all.:)

Have the toddlers bring in family pictures to glue and make a family portrait book.  Also let them draw pictures of their families.

INDIVIDUAL FAMILY TREES FOR PRE-K Draw outline of the top of an apple tree shape in green and an outline of a tree trunk in brown. Have children cut them out and paste the top and bottom of the tree together. Let children pick 1 red circle for each family member. Write each member’s name in their own apple. Paste them onto your family tree. It’s fun to see which child has the most apples. You can also turn this into a math lesson.

I had used this idea for our family unit. We had already discussed how many people we have in our families, including pets, and anyone the child included. We sang a family song, using our fingers to represent the people in our family. As a follow-up project, during free choice time, the children used wooden clothespins to represent their family. We used googly eyes and collage materials for clothes, hair, or whatever the children wanted. It was soooooo interesting to hear why the children dressed their family the way they did!

When we were on the unit of My Family, we did a photo collage of family members for each child. We placed the photos on tag board and let the children decorate with rick rack, labeled them “Steven’s Family” and put a string on and placed in the classroom. Great conversation piece. (My child still has his hanging in his room from 2 years ago).