Fall Snacks

For my ece class we had to come up with a fall themed snack and decided to do something related to pumpkins. We decided to take a bagel and spread it with cream cheese. The cream cheese we used was dyed orange with food coloring. After the cream cheese was on there we put two grapes as eyes and raisins to create the mouth and we had fall pumpkins!

Take a rice cake, have children spread with either orange colored cream cheese, or icing. Add raisins for eyes, nose, mouth. M&Ms are good to use too. May also use string licorice to form eyes and mouth.

A cute snack for a harvest theme is to take Bugles, Fruity Pebbles and vanilla icing to make cornucopias. Scoop a little icing with a Bugle, then dip it into a small bowl filled with Pebbles.

Everyone has great craft ideas using Indian corn. But did you know that if you put the Indian corn cobs in a brown paper bag (lunch bag size) and place in the microwave (with a dish of water for moisture, so you don’t burn the bag), microwave on high for 3-5 minutes and you have popcorn on the cob. Really. It’s yummy and fun to eat. Try it.