Fall Science

Gather several pine cones for exploration.  After they have been in the science center for a couple of days they will be open like a tree. Pine cones open up to allow for more water when it is dry and they close up when they have absorbed enough water so soak them for a while and watch what happens. I draw a picture of the pine cone (before and after) and make an observation graph. My class really enjoys it.

For Fall I put Deer corn and Silk Colored leaves in my table. Corn for feeding the deer in the fall and Colored leaves because we are learning about the leaves changing colors.

add acorns to your sensory table in Autumn. Alternate activities by adding buckets and shovels one day and magnifying glasses another. Autumn leaves can also be added.

Each fall we ask children to bring in a small pumpkin. We set up a tape measure and scale in our science area. Each child measures and weighs their pumpkin and we chart it, and leave the chart out for parents to see.

At circle time have various sized pumpkins & other assorted nature items, pine cones, stones, seashells, a piece of wood, whatever you can think of, (fall items like ornamental gourds are great) & let your preschoolers predict “Will it float”. Use a large clear storage container & fill it with water & start the experiment! We do this in my room every year & the children love it & scream w/ delight! Invariably someone will walk down the hall to find out what the screaming’s all about