Fall Games

Singing Gray Squirrel- GS GS swish your bushy tail (repeat) Wrinkle up your little nose hold a nut between your toes GS GS swish your bushy tail Play this game. Two children are the “tree” holding hands a third child is in the center being the “squirrel” while teachers and/or children are singing the “squirrel” comes out of the tree to find some nuts but watch out! There’s a fox in the forest at the teacher’s prompt a fourth child who’s the fox come in the forest trying to catch the squirrel the squirrel who gets caught is the next fox. This is a good cooperation game for three and four-year-olds and is best played with a group so there’re several squirrels.

“The Scarecrow in the Dell”- to the tune of “Farmer In The Dell”

Ahead of time make necklaces with different fall pictures…examples… Scarecrow, pumpkin, Indian corn, leaves, etc.

You start with one child being the scarecrow in the middle. Sing the Scarecrow in the field the scarecrow in the field high ho it’s fall time the Scarecrow in the field. The Scarecrow picks a pumpkin (child puts the pumpkin necklace on another child) and they join him/her in the middle of the circle. Continue with the pumpkin choosing a leaf…etc.

Play this game just like you play duck duck goose only instead of saying duck duck goose you say squirrel, squirrel, scamper–

The second game is pretending to be a squirrel –talk about what sounds squirrels make –try to go on a nature walk outside and see some squirrels –let the children observe them and see how they act– then you talk about what foods squirrels like to eat

Pre-make some foil wrapped surprises for your “squirrels” to find and eat–if you don’t want to use real nuts you can use marshmallow “circus” peanuts or any other treat you think that the children may like –hide these treats around the room and tell the children its time to put on their imagination caps and pretend to be squirrels–let them scamper around finding the treats–unwrapping them from the tin-foil is like a squirrel getting the nut out of its shell–and it is great for there fine motor development..:)