Fall Games

Leaf Match : Use a glue stick to glue leaves plucked from 4-6 different trees on to a poster board. Cover with clear contact paper/or laminate. Sandwich leaves of the same size and variety between two pieces of clear contact paper. Trim around each leaves leaving a ¼ ” sealed edge. Set the board and leaves on a tray. The children match the leaves.

Large And Small Leaves- Select leaves from nearby trees. Collect a large and small leaf from each tree. Press the leaves between two large books to flatten them. Protect the leaves by preserving them in wax or by placing them between two sheets of clear adhesive paper and trimming to within ¼-inch of the leaf. Place the larger leaves on the table. Place the smaller leaves in a box. Ask the child to select a leaf from the box and match it to its partner on the table.

Provide a tree pasted on a big piece of paper and 10 precut acorns. The child will have the piece of paper and the teacher will point to a number and the child will have to put that amount of acorns on the tree. Keep doing this till you go through all the numbers from one to ten.

This idea is great for 3’s– In your rice or sand table, sprinkle some of that neat shiny confetti–for fall you can use leaves, for Halloween you can use pumpkins or bats, etc. Have children go on a “treasure hunt” in the rice or sand and find the little pumpkins, bats, etc. When they have found all the confetti, each child can count how many they found– you can also give the kids magnifying glasses to help with their search–the rice table has never looked so neat!

We buy enough pumpkins for each child in the school, plus extra) and place them in a large circle on the lawn. In small groups, the children run around the entire circle then walk back around and choose a pumpkin of their own. We write their names on them and put them in a garden cart. Together the group pushes the cart back to their classroom. The pumpkins are then used for counting and measuring activities. We also have other outdoor centers going on at the same time. We hide small treat bags in several bales of hay and the children take turns finding their prize. A Fall obstacle course; climb over a bale of hay, jump over small pumpkins, throw a hula hoop over a large pumpkin.