Fall Art

Bubble print Indian corn. have the children cut out a corn pattern and then paint the bubble wrap fall colors and then place the bubble wrap on the corn pattern. these look great and parents love them.

We bought a bunch of different shapes and colors of gourds. All had very bumpy textures. We had the kids dip/roll them in paint and then paint with them instead of a paint brush. We used fall colors for the paint. The pictures looked great and you could see the different textures of the gourds on the paper.

In advance, make a large tree pattern (without leaves) on a piece of bulletin board paper. Have the children use eye droppers and drop diluted food coloring in fall colors onto paper towels. Once the paper towels are dry have the students tear small pieces of the colored paper towels and crumple it up (fine motor part). Then have them glue the crumpled paper towel pieces onto the tree to look like leaves. Great activity to talk about team work and the kids love to tear things!!

Paint the children’s fore arms and hands brown and make an arm/hand print on white construction paper. Then have the children finger-paint leaves (fingerprints) on their branches with fall colors. Makes a beautiful and personalized autumn tree!

As part of our fall harvest theme every year, we have the kids cover a leaf (preferably cardboard) in Fruit Loops cereal. It gives the leaf a dimensional look, and definitely fall-like!