Fairytale Snacks

For a day involving the Three Little Pigs, make a snack mix with the house supplies: potato sticks for hay, pretzels for sticks, and chunks of chocolate for bricks. Make it into a cognitive activity as well by having the children put a certain number of scoops of each ingredient into their bowl or baggie.

We read Goldilocks and the Three Bears. For snack the children help make oatmeal for porridge. I offer raisins, brown sugar, honey, ect.. to put in their oatmeal.

Queen of Hearts–We made our own tarts out of biscuits and any red jelly or jam. We had the kids flatten the biscuits and in the very center we used a heart shaped cookie cutter and had them make the indention of the heart. This works well if it is just a little smaller than the flattened biscuits. Next, have the kids use their thumb and press down inside of the heart to make it flat. Place the jelly in the pressed down area so it looks like a big heart. Bake according to biscuit directions. The kids loved making these.

Little Miss Muffet: Curds and Whey. Mix crushed pineapple into cottage cheese. Serve in a little cup with spoon.

After reading beauty and the beast have your students make these tasty red roses for snack time. In advance, cut red Fruit by the Foot into six-inch-long strips. To make one rose, roll a fruit strip around the tip of a pretzel stick. As you roll, press the bottom edge of the strip to the pretzel. If desired, press a small piece of green fruit roll onto the pretzel for a leaf.