Fairytale Art

The Princess and the Pea:
After reading the story to the children make your own Princess’s Bed.
This is a great project to use up some of those material scraps you’ve had in your cupboard for a while! 🙂

-A variety of strips of material about 1/2″ x 8″ from all different patterns. The more different colors and patterns the better the project looks. I’d cut about 10 per child.
-Paper to glue the strips onto.

-1 Dried Green pea for each child

Have children glue the material strips (mattresses) horizontally onto what ever paper you want to use. They should glue them closely together so they look like a tall stack of mattresses on a bed. When they get it to the height they desire, let the children draw the princess on the top mattress. Then give them a pea to glue underneath the bottom mattress.

Using either construction paper or paint, cover a toilet paper tube green. Twist on (attaching on the inside of either end) 3-5 1/2″ by 12″ green strips. these are vines. Glue some leaves on the vines. thread through the tube a piece of yarn and tie in a know. Lastly attach to yarn a picture of Jack. And now you have your own Jack climbing up the beanstalk!

Cinderella art… cut out high-heeled shoe shapes from white or light blue paper.. have the children cover the shape with glue and then sprinkle on opalescent clear, white, light blue or silver glitter. Glass slippers!

One of the stories I always read to my 4 year old class is St George and the Dragon. After we read it, we make fire breathing dragons. Cut out dragon shapes from light brown or gray paper. Use patterned stamps from a teacher supply store to print scales on the shapes, glue on paper spikes along his back and add orange and yellow tissue paper strips to his mouth for the fire.

We did a unit on the three pigs and we colored mud puddles with chocolate pudding. It was a great new texture. make sure that they wash their hands before because t hey they are sure to take a taste!

Jack and the Beanstalk – Let each child paint a large leaf green (maybe 2 or 3).Twist a beanstalk out of paper bags, add the leaves to the stalk. Suspend a large cloud from the ceiling with a “Giant” face looking over the edge.

Three Little Pigs – As a group, make three houses for the pigs, 1 each of real straw, paper twigs and sponge painted bricks. Put a pig in each house.

Humpty Dumpty – Sponge paint a brick wall. Make Humpty, top 1/2 out of white paper including arms, bottom 1/2 to look like pants, black paper legs. Draw a face on the white piece. Don’t forget to draw a crack.

Fairy tales just naturally make you think of magic wands. Make any shape you like out of card board (star, moon, heart, etc.) paint any color you like then spread with white glue and sprinkle glitter on. Add ribbon streams and a straw for the wand part. Abbara Cadabbara.

For our twinkle, twinkle little star day we use white glue to form star shapes on waxed paper and sprinkle with glitter. After they dry, we carefully peel them off and attach them to a wire hanger (if the children are young, you can punch holes in a moon shape from cardboard and attach). This makes a wonderful mobile to hang!

Crowns: Using a crown shape cut from a grocery sack allow the child to glue beads, pieces of ribbon, bits of shiny wrapping paper, glitter, etc. to decorate the crown!