Eric Carle Science

Read “The Tiny Seed” to the class, discussing what they think will happen if we plant a seed. Have available several sandwich size zip-lock bags. Fold paper towels so they fit inside and wet them. Place several sunflower seeds in each bag. zip up the bags and use a stick pin to post on the wall in the Science area. After several days the seeds will start growing and the children will be able to observe the growth of the root and also the stems. After they have grown a bit the can be planted in soil. Chart the progress and send home the plants to be transplanted .My class always loves to watch the growth of each seed.

After reading “The Very Quiet Cricket”, put a container of crickets in the science center. Discuss with the children how the cricket makes sound by rubbing his legs together. It makes for an interesting noise in the room.

Materials Needed:
Book: The Tiny Seed
clear plastic cups
Sunflower Seeds for planting

Read ” The Tiny Seed” to your class. Then have them plant a sunflower seed in the clear plastic cup. As the seed grows you can show them how the roots grow in the soil and the plant grows above the soil.

When the plant is big enough you can have the children use the markers to decorate the cup and use it as a gift for mothers day. Mom can plant it in her garden.

****You can also do some math with this by make a prediction graph how many think their seed will grow and how think it will not grow. Then you can do a result graph.