Eric Carle Games

For our class last year, we put on The Very Hungry Caterpillar” play. We dressed each child as a piece of food and one as the caterpillar/butterfly. We made their costumes out of the big butcher paper. They were very simple and cute. We had an adult read the book as the food pieces would walk by one at a time on the stage. We had a kid dressed up as the caterpillar and he would pretend like he was munching on them. The children and the grownups loved it.

After reading The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle, my preschool class made their own spider web. We used a ball of yarn and passed it from child to child by throwing it randomly. They really enjoyed it!

This activity works well with a younger age group. Cover toilet paper rolls with either white or beige contact paper. Stuff a colorful scarf in each tube. (I usually find the more colorful scarves at thrift stores) Read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” and at the end let the children snatch the scarves from the toilet paper tubes and fly away around the carpet!

THE HUNGRY CATERPILLAR Once you have explained the stages form caterpillar to butterfly, do a little role play! Have the children crawl on the floor like caterpillars pretending to eat everything. Next have them role in a ball (cocoon) then slowly straighten out their bodies to an upright position. Finally, have them fly around like beautiful butterflies! It is good to have music in the background.