Eric Carle Art

I did this idea in my 2-year old room and the kids loved it. We read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and did two art projects with it. In the morning after we read it we made handprint caterpillars with paint. During nap-time we talk about how a caterpillar goes to sleep and wakes up a butterfly. When they work up we used paint and made handprint butterflies. We hung the caterpillars on one side of the wall and hung a cocoon by them and then hung up the butterflies. The kids loved it and so did parents, (even parents not in that classroom).

Read the Book by Eric Carle the Very Hungry Caterpillar. Then for an art activity, cut an orange in half. Dip one half in red paint and print the head of the caterpillar, then using the other half, print the body with green paint and they will look similar to the picture on the cover of the book. My kindergarteners LOVED this activity!

In my class of 12 Preschoolers, we had Eric Carle week. I took large sheets of butcher paper and poured lots of different colors of tempera paint onto it. I let the children use there fingers to paint and when it dried it looked like an Eric Carle mural. We then cut the all the painted paper out and made props and reenacted the Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Very Hungry Caterpillar necklaces: Use green yarn as the caterpillar. Attach a needle, or use tape to make it easier for the children to thread… Cut out fruits and foods that the caterpillar ate through. Have each child “eat” each fruit or food by lacing each food on the necklace. It comes out so cute!

Paper plate lady bugs: Take two small paper plates. Have child paint one paper plate. Take the second paper plate and cut in half. Have the child paint these two halves then fasten them onto the one paper plate. With the fastener the two halves should be able to move. These are the ladybugs wings. You can have children add any eyes you choose.