Elephant Games

I’m Too Big

Need: book “I’m Too Big” (don’t remember name of author)

The book is about an elephant and a giraffe who don’t like their features – would rather have the feature of the other (Giraffe would like a long nose instead of a short one) Great illustrations! After reading the book – make a graph of the tallest children to the shortest children in the class (or group). You can also take in a bathroom scale and measure children from the heaviest to the lightest. My class loved this activity!

One Elephant Went Out to Play
Materials: Rope

What to Do: Put the tightrope (rope) down in the center of the circle. Have the elephant (child) to stand on the rope. Children sing the following song: One elephant went out to play on a tightrope string one day. He had such enormous fun; He called for another elephant to come. (First line of the song and the next three lines increasing the number of elephants until each child has a turn. Then sing the following verse) 5 (Or the number of children) elephants went out to play on a tightrope string one day they had such enormous fun, but the tightrope broke and they all fell down!

Throwing at a target………paint a box any color except where you have drawn the elephant’s face on one side….paint this Grey…and cut out the open mouth. Children could throw peanuts into the mouth to….feed the elephant.

Counting animals:

Circle on large piece of card – number of animals e.g. Elephants

Put some inside the circle……ask “How many elephants are inside/outside the circus ring?” Remove some to opposite in/out and ask “How many stayed inside the ring/left the ring?” etc.