Elephant Curriculum

Elephant Curriculum

Elephant Curriculum

Elephant Curriculum for preschool through second grade.

This art activity goes with “Elmer the Elephant” book. I take an elephant clip art picture and blow it up on the copying machine to fit on a large 12×18 white piece of construction paper. Cut up a lot of multicolored tissue paper squares on your paper cutter. Vary the tissue paper size for the child’s size. Largest squares for the youngest learners and smaller squares for children with a longer attention span. Have small cups of water available with watercolor paintbrushes. Have children paint the paper with water and then place the tissue paper squares on top one by one in a patchwork design-just like Elmer. Leave the tissue paper on until the picture dries and they just fall off into the garbage. I call this tissue paper painting. Kids and adults love to do this, they are just amazed that the paper absorbs the color from the tissue paper. These make great sun catchers too. Especially if you use red, yellow, & orange on fall leaves and then cut them out. Hope you enjoy!

For our study of elephants, we use black and white finger-paint to mix to make the color of elephants. Grey! Then the children can use their fingertips to make eyes, mouth, and trunk.

You need a small paper plate. Let the children color their plate gray. Out of gray construction paper cut out the ears and trunk. Glue or staple on the ears and glue on the nose. Fold the nose down so that it’s folded and looks wrinkled. After that have the children draw on the elephant’s eyes.

I’m Too Big

Need: book “I’m Too Big” (don’t remember name of author)

The book is about an elephant and a giraffe who don’t like their features – would rather have the feature of the other (Giraffe would like a long nose instead of a short one) Great illustrations! After reading the book – make a graph of the tallest children to the shortest children in the class (or group). You can also take in a bathroom scale and measure children from the heaviest to the lightest. My class loved this activity!

One Elephant Went Out to Play
Materials: Rope

What to Do: Put the tightrope (rope) down in the center of the circle. Have the elephant (child) to stand on the rope. Children sing the following song: One elephant went out to play on a tightrope string one day. He had such enormous fun; He called for another elephant to come. (First line of the song and the next three lines increasing the number of elephants until each child has a turn. Then sing the following verse) 5 (Or the number of children) elephants went out to play on a tightrope string one day they had such enormous fun, but the tightrope broke and they all fell down!

Throwing at a target………paint a box any color except where you have drawn the elephant’s face on one side….paint this Grey…and cut out the open mouth. Children could throw peanuts into the mouth to….feed the elephant.

Counting animals:

Circle on large piece of card – number of animals e.g. Elephants

Put some inside the circle……ask “How many elephants are inside/outside the circus ring?” Remove some to the opposite in/out and ask “How many stayed inside the ring/left the ring?” etc.

I work with 3/4 yr olds and for our elephant snacks we had peanuts. It was a great fine motor activity for the kids to get them out of the shell and then to taste them. Of course, I checked for peanut allergies before doing this snack. Another day we had sugar cookies. I added a few drops of black coloring to white icing to make it gray and the kids each “painted” their elephant foot and then attached different colored gumdrops for the toes. They loved it because they all pretended the different colors were nail polish!


The elephant has a trunk for a nose (hands clasped in front swinging back and forward; body bent at waist)
And up and down is the way it goes.
He wears such a saggy, baggy hide,
Do you think two elephants could fit inside?

An Elephant Went Out To Play (Action Song)

Choose one child to come to the middle of your circle and chant:

An elephant went out to play
On a spider web one day
He/she was having so much fun
He/she invited another one (have the child invite a classmate to join them).

Continue until all your little elephants are in the center!

Here are a couple of cute songs for you and your little guys to sing during your zoo unit…

THE ELEPHANT Sung to:”The Mulberry Bush”

The elephant goes like this and that, this and that, this and that. (Walk heavily and stomp feet)
The elephant goes like this and that,
Cause he’s so big and he’s so fat! (Puff up cheeks and stretch out arms)

He has no fingers and has no toes, He has no fingers and has no toes. (Wiggle fingers; wiggle toes)
He has no fingers and has no toes,
But goodness, gracious, what a nose! (Pull hands out from face to suggest a long trunk.)

Elephant Curriculum

Elephant Curriculum for preschool through second grade.