Elephant Art

This art activity goes with “Elmer the Elephant” book. I take an elephant clip art picture and blow it up on the copying machine to fit on a large 12×18 white piece of construction paper. Cut up a lot of multicolored tissue paper squares on your paper cutter. Vary the tissue paper size for the child’s size. Largest squares for the youngest learners and smaller squares for children with a longer attention span. Have small cups of water available with watercolor paintbrushes. Have children paint the paper with water and then place the tissue paper squares on top one by one in a patchwork design-just like Elmer. Leave the tissue paper on until the picture dries and they just fall off into the garbage. I call this tissue paper painting. Kids and adults love to do this, they are just amazed that the paper absorbs the color from the tissue paper. These make great sun catchers too. Especially if you use red, yellow, & orange on fall leaves and then cut them out. Hope you enjoy!

For our study of elephants we use black and white finger-paint to mix to make the color of elephants.. Grey! Then the children can use their fingertips to make eyes, mouth and trunk.