Egg Art

After reading the book “Chickens Aren’t the Only Ones” we make our own book. I give each child a photocopy of a page with an oval/egg shape to draw an animal/bug of their choice. Then I give them another copy of the egg page to decorate and cut out. I glue the egg shell along one edge of the animal page so the egg opens and you can see what’s inside. I’ll bind the book and put it in library center. This is always a favorite book that is read over and over again.

Paint with plastic eggs by dipping them in paint then rolling them in trays or buckets lined with paper.

Collect egg shells. Spray them with a mixture of bleach and water to kill any germs, then let dry. Crush the egg shells and add different colors of food coloring. When the shells are the color you desire, take them out of the food coloring and let dry. Have the children use the colored egg shells to create a beautiful collage!