Easy Homemade Finger Paint Recipes

Easy Homemade Finger Paint Recipes

Add Karo corn syrup to your paint. Either liquid or powdered tempera (after mixed with water) will work. This will give your paintings a thicker texture and will dry very glossy– looks great!

To make coffee scented paint. Let used coffee grounds dry and add them to finger-paint. Not only will they enjoy the smell they like the texture too. Use this idea when you are studying the five senses.

We made this paint this week in kindergarten and my kids loved it!

Mix/Shake/Stir Together:

2 teaspoons cornstarch

2 teaspoons white vinegar

20 drops of food coloring

This makes an individual portion for painting with–we’ve made it several times; we’ve mixed more/fewer drops of coloring; we’ve mixed primary colors together; made some for our friends and shared with them; and on and on.

Shaving Cream Paint

Fill bowl or container half full of shaving cream

Add 2-3 tablespoon of dry tempera paint to the cream/this depends on the size of the container.

Stir until well blended

Add more shaving cream to fill the container.

Stir until well blended

Place regular brushes into each container and paint on paper.

Our kid love to use this at the easel. It doesn’t run. It paints smoothly and adds texture to their work. This paint dries quickly and colors are bright and fun to use.

Eagle Brand Milk Paint

Add food coloring to Eagle Brand Condensed Milk to create a paint. When the “paint” dries on paper, it is very shiny.

Don’t throw out those old, dried out markers. Let the children dip them in water and use them like watercolors. When the tip turns white—It’s time to throw them away!

Add a can of condensed milk to your tempera paint to give it a satin finish!

OK. This is really simple. Finger paint your child can eat (even lick the paper when they’re done). You take vanilla pudding and add food coloring (whatever colors you want). Mix in a bowl and that’s it. The child can begin to paint and we they are done they can eat what’s left or lick their picture.

Activity: Thick Thick Paint


1 cup powdered tempera paint

2 Tbs. wallpaper paste

1/2 cup liquid laundry starch

Mix dry tempera paint with wallpaper paste. Add starch a little bit at a time until the mixture is thick enough to spread. Use popsicle sticks to spread.

Activity: Face Paint #1


1 tsp. cornstarch

1/2 tsp. water

1/2 tsp. cold cream

food coloring

Mix cornstarch and cold cream together until smooth. Mix in water and food coloring. Use a small brush to paint designs on the children’s faces. Store in an airtight container.