Easter Snacks For School

Easter Snacks For School

Easter Snacks For School

Easter Snacks For School, preschool, and home.

Bunny Cupcakes: Bake a white cupcake in an appropriate Easter liner.  Using either home-made or canned frosting, separate and color a small portion pink. Frost the cupcake with white icing, then sprinkle with coconut. Separate a cameo cookie (long oval crème cookie) and scrape off the crème filling. Frost the center of each cookie with pink. Insert these “bunny ears” into the cupcake 1/3 from the top (if placed too close the edge, the cupcake will split apart). Add two blue M&M’s for eyes, half a pink jelly bean for a nose, and red licorice whips for whiskers.

Easter Chick Nests
Make a batch of drop sugar cookies. While they are cooling, dye coconut green, get a bag of jelly beans, white cake frosting, and a box of marshmallow peeps. Take the cake icing and spread it on the cool cookie. Sprinkle some of the tinted coconut. Place the marshmallow peep on top. Take some of the jelly beans and place them around the peep. This is a fun snack for children 2 and older.

Birds Nests: Use pastel Rice Krispies and mix up Rice Krispie squares. Have children butter hands so the mixture doesn’t stick. Have the children form a “nest” with a scoop of the rice krispie mixture. Then place a few jelly beans in the nest and place a candy Peep (the chick) on top of the jellybeans. There you have a bird’s nest!!

Easter Breakfast Place two pretzel sticks side by side (this is the bacon). Take a spoon full of melted vanilla candy wafers and place over the pretzels (this is the egg white). Put an yellow M&M in the center of the egg white (this is the egg yolk). A yummy snack (breakfast)!

Easter Jell-O eggs: Make your Jell-O according to the package but substitute vanilla ice cream for the cold water. For Easter colors try Giggly Grape flavor or any of the red Jell-O’s. You’ll end up with pretty pastel colors. Fill the hollow egg molds (available in grocery stores at Easter) with the Jell-O. Very pretty and everyone including adults love them.

I got this from another teacher. Easter Basket Cookies Use slice and bake cookie dough. Cut it into 1/4 inch slices line muffin tins with paper liners. Press cookies slices into the pan flute the edges slightly and bake. You can decorate with frosting or fill with small candies. You can color shredded coconut for Easter grass. Be creative.

Bunny Cake

Bake one 8 or 9 inch round yellow cake. After it cools, lay it flat and cut it down the middle to have 2 halves. Ice one side of one piece of cake. Stand the piece up so that the cut edge is on the cake plate. Now, put the other piece beside it. You will have what looks like a half circle (this is the bunny). You can add a little icing to the cake plate to help the bunny sit up correctly. Ice the rest of the cake with white icing. Add white coconut for the fur. Add 2 paper cut ears, 2 red jelly bean eyes, one black jelly bean nose. You can use a big marshmallow for the tail and for the feet. Add a big ribbon bow for a bow tie. I found Easter ribbon that worked great. Color some coconut green with food coloring and sprinkle it around the bunny for “grass”. Toss a few jelly beans on the grass and it looks very festive.

You can use any Easter candy for the body parts if you wish! It is very cute and something different from the formed bunny cake pans.

A fun and healthy Easter time snack to prepare with the children are Easter egg bagels. First, you separate some cream cheese into small bowls. Then tint the cheese with food coloring. Provide each child with a half of a bagel and a plastic knife. then let the children spread different colors of cream cheese on their bagels and eat! colorful Easter egg bagels!!

I’m a Pre-K Teacher Assistant and our children love cooking and eating different foods.

Bake a 16×20 cake (plain)
Cut the cake into 12 squares
Give each child a: Easter cookie cutter
Jelly beans
Icing (green-pink etc..)
Decorate and Enjoy *The kids will love it.*

A cream egg Easter piggy.

First color some marzipan pink. Then make two little ears, four little stumps ( legs ) and a snout. Melt a little chocolate and attach the bits of marzipan to a cream egg. Then add the melted chocolate to the bottom of the legs and stick into a chocolate biscuit. Using white icing pipe on two eyes. Don’t forget the pigs tail!!