Easter Science

Great for snack and science!! Buy package of Peeps. Take small group of children into kitchen to microwave. Place one peep on a paper plate and put in microwave. Ask the kids what is gonna happen to the marshmallow. Then once they hypothesize, turn on the micro for about 20 seconds. The peep will expand to about %300 times it’s original size. And when it had cooled off, I allow the kids to take off a piece and eat it. Tastes great!!

For Easter week fill your sensory table with bird seed. I then take plastic Easter eggs and fill them with different objects (beads, noodles, rice etc…) Hot glue the outside crack of the eggs so that the kids cannot open them. Put the eggs in the table with the bird seed. The kids will love shaking the eggs and trying to figure out what is in the eggs.


Share an idea you have used in your classroom or at home that pertains to this theme.