Easter Ideas

Because so many children associate Easter with eggs, in our church we had a “Dyeing Party.” It was held on Friday night before Easter Sunday. We dyed hundreds of Easter Eggs to be used in the churchwide egg hunt the following day. We placed our emphasis on Jesus’ Dying. We baked forgotten cookies that are somewhat like divinity but when they rise, they are hollow inside just like the tomb.(e-mail me for the recipe). We used resurrection eggs to tell the story of Easter. Each plastic egg contained a symbol of the story of Easter. One contained a nail, one a tiny plastic donkey (the triumphant entry) one contained a thorn…as each egg was opened (by a child) in order of the story, the storyteller told how the item in the egg fit into the story. You can buy the resurrection eggs at you local Christian bookstore, or be creative and make your own. We also used a flannel graph and had children place a piece of the story on the board at a time as the storyteller recreated the story of Easter. All of these activities are great for children because of hands-on learning. They remember 10% of what they hear, but they remember much more of what they touch and do. We mixed up the cookies at the beginning of the 2 hour party. Then we used the resurrection eggs. We had pizza and refreshments, then we used the flannel graph. The evening ended with dying the eggs (they had been boiled earlier and were cool). The children realized that there are two kinds of dying at Easter. It was a great experience. We had about 70 children. You’ll need volunteers accordingly.

Easter Ideas

Religious Easter Ideas for preschoolers through second grade.


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