Easter Games

I made a colorful Easter egg shape and covered it with contact paper. Then we play “Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny, where’s your egg?” It’s played like the familiar game “Doggie, Doggie where’s your bone?”

The group sits in a circle and choose one child to sit in the middle as the “bunny”. The bunny hides their eyes as one person is chose to sit on the egg picture. Then the group yells out “Easter bunny, Easter bunny, where’s your egg? Somebody stole it from your home!!” The easter bunny then has three guesses to find the child who is sitting on it. That child then becomes the new bunny in the middle. And so on. We’ve also played it with valentine hearts at Valentine parties, shamrocks at St Pat’s Day, etc.

This is something I do with my K’s class. I draw or copy an Easter Picture – Bunny, egg, – and then make a number/letter match. The children have to match the correct letter to the numbers. The message might be: Your a good egg….. Happy Easter…… or whatever you want.

We play pass the Easter egg. The children make a circle and pass the egg to the music. When the music stops the one with the egg is out..

We’ve also played egg toss with the plastic Easter eggs. The children line up facing each other and then toss the eggs back and forth. The one to still have their egg when the music stops is the winner. (I give all an Easter sticker just for playing the game. The winners also get to pick out of the “prize box”. I do this activity with K’s.

Easter Games

Easter Games for preschool through school-aged children.