Easter Games

I used a recycled egg carton and placed twelve plastic Easter eggs (the ones you can open in the middle) in it. I wrote the numbers 1-12 on the holes in the carton and wrote the numbers 1-12 on each egg–both parts. The children not only had to match the eggs to the number in the carton, but they had to put all of the plastic eggs back together first!

When I have an Easter egg hunt for my class, I ask each child to bring in 6 specific color plastic eggs. Our parents stuff each color with a specified item like pennies, stickers, etc. What makes this a great learning activity as well as non-competitive one, is that when it is time for the hunt, I hold up a large cut out egg shape in the color the children are to hunt for. They still get the excitement of hunting, but without all the grabbing, pushing and shoving. They also get a great color reinforcement activity in the process.

Make bunny faces for four children out of construction paper. The bunny needs a white head, two white ears with pink inside. two eyes made of any color. The nose is a black circle on a pink oval with black whiskers drawn on.

the mouth is a black smile shape with two large white teeth. I made a bow-tie for each bunny out of yellow. Laminate all pieces. The object of the game is to make a bunny face. Using a die, for each number rolled you get a piece of the bunny’s face. For example, roll a one and get a head, roll a two and get an ear, roll a three and get an eye, roll a four and get a nose, roll a five and get a mouth and roll a six and get the tie. Keep rolling until all have created a bunny.

Last year I divided the children into two groups. We all wore our bunny ears and pretended to be bunnies in our bunny hop relay race. The kids loved it. We had to hop like a bunny and drop a plastic egg into the basket. The first team to get all the eggs in the basket was the winner. They each got a cert. for ice cream at McDonald’s. The other team picked a sticker from the sticker box. No one went away sad.

Hide colored Easter eggs around the room and let the children search for them. This is always a definite do at our Easter parties. Make sure you have enough eggs though so every child will get some. They always enjoy eating them for a snack or with lunch on party day.