Easter Games

Egg Money Hunt: paint hard-boiled eggs so they look like money. Green egg draw Dollar signs $$ all over it, Purple put cents sign all over it and then you could do a “Lucky Egg” for the grand prize. Lucky Egg has to be the biggest egg of all! We always put a $1.00 in it.

Draw or trace a rabbit on poster board and then get the triple size cotton balls and the kids can play pin or tape the tail on the Easter bunny.

Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny, Where’s Your Egg?

Make a colorful Easter egg shape and covered it with contact paper. Then play “Easter Bunny, Easter Bunny, where’s your egg?” It’s played like the familiar game “Doggie, Doggie where’s your bone?” The group sits in a circle and one child sits in the middle as the “bunny”. The bunny hides their eyes as one person is chosen to sit on the egg picture. Then the group yells out “Easter bunny, Easter bunny, where’s your egg? Somebody stole it from your home!” The Easter bunny then has three guesses to find the child who is sitting on it. That child then becomes the new bunny in the middle.

Spoon Balance

Have all of the children sit down and make a circle. Choose two children to participate in this activity at a time.

Give the child a spoon with a large marshmallow on it. Tell the children that they need to walk to The designated spot without dropping the marshmallow! This takes great patients!

Bunny Hopping Fun

This game is just like duck, duck goose, with 2 changes. 1. Obviously, the words change to “bunny” as you tap each child, and “hop” when one child is selected. 2. Instead of running around the circle, players hop with their feet together. Have some hopping fun!

Bunny Hop

Have the children line up behind you and hop like bunnies around the playground. Tell the “bunnies” to follow the leader and do as you do!

I cut Easter egg shapes out of pink construction paper and cut 2 smaller egg shape out for every different colored and kind of wallpaper. Have the children turn them over (wallpaper side facing down). This is a memory game. You could do this for every holiday or season.

Set up a “Jelly Bean Shop”. Put up a store sign and an open/closed sign. You can buy boxes of Jelly Bellies with a variety of flavors separated in the box. The children earn 5 pennies and they are able to go to the Jelly Bean Shop and spend their money on whatever flavors they like. It’s surprising on how they spend their money. Some will spend it all right away and others will only spend part of it and come back many times. Some children will also place orders to pick up later. This is a good counting experience and also teaches the value of money. The kids loved it!

Go to the framing dept. of your local craft store and ask for oval shapes that are cut from mats. Then take markers and color designs on the “Easter” eggs in specific patterns –making pairs for matching. Children pick pairs from a basket and put them on the flannel board (I attach a piece of velcro to the back of each oval). It is a good visual discrimination game.

Find an old, rather sizable Easter basket. Also, get some plastic Easter eggs. The children take turns tossing the eggs into the basket! (Add some challenges: the plastic eggs cannot break open, only get the pink ones in the basket, write letters on the eggs–the children can only get the eggs in that have letters in their names.)