Easter Art And Craft Ideas

Crayon resist makes beautiful Easter eggs. I read them Chicken Sunday by Patricia Polacco which is about Ukranian Eggs. We use crayons for the wax to make our own eggs. I give them a piece of construction paper with a large egg shape printed on it. They decorate their eggs with lots of designs, patterns, and colors. Pressing hard when coloring. Then paint over it with watered down black paint. I mix the paint and try it until I get the best consistency. Be sure that they do not keep stroking the paint in the same spot or it will cover the crayon. Just one stroke of the brush all the way down the paper. Then another right next to the other, etc.

We are starting on spring and Easter planning. One of our easter projects is to give each child an egg cut out of construction paper, lots of torn tissue paper and let them decorate at will. We use muffin tins and sticks for the glue rather than bottles.

You will need Wilton candy molds or a stoneware cookie mold in an Easter egg shape or other design. Tear up a piece of pink construction paper (or any color) into 1″ pieces. Place in a blender with 1 cup of very warm water and let sit for 10 minutes. Then process for 2 minutes on low and 1 minute on high until the paper is mushy and fibrous. Squeeze out most of the water and push this pulp into the molds. Press a sponge or paper towel onto the smooth side of the mold until most of the water is gone. Bake at 200 degrees for 1 hour or sit on top of a clothes dryer or other warm place for 2-3 days. Paper should pop out of molds using the tip of a sharp knife to loosen. If it doesn’t come right out, it’s not yet dry. These can be hung on Easter Egg trees or just used as refrigerator magnets or to make necklaces for the children. These can be painted with tempera or acrylics and decorated with glitter. These also make nice pins for Mother’s Day if you glue a pin backing on the back side. This is a great project when cost is a factor.

Out of paper plate, you can make a bunny mask. Cut holes out for the eyes. Draw on the nose, add felt strips or yarn for the whiskers, make a mouth and glue on 2 chicklets for the teeth, add ears that you have precut ( with the K’s I let them cut out their own bunny ears) I use elastic to tie around the child’s head. The children love it. (Make sure you tell your children not to eat the teeth (gum) because it will have glue on it. (With the younger children (3’s) I used to let them glue on felt pieces for the teeth.)

Stain Glass Easter Egg

First, you would save the plastic that is the runoff from the laminating machine. Cut out egg shapes from construction paper……Save the egg shapes for a possible later project……but use the outline for this one. Set aside for now….

Next cut the laminating plastic to fit on the construction paper………

Glue to construction paper……….Then have children glue tissue paper (with watered down glue) to the plastic……When it dries…….hang in the window…..

We sometimes make crosses the same way since we are a Christian preschool.

Easter Art And Craft Ideas

Easter Art And Craft Ideas for preschool through school age children.