Easter Activities

At the Preschool that I am Director of, we have a spring sing and hat parade just before Easter. The parents are responsible for helping their child decorate a special hat to wear. The children proudly display their hats one by one for all the parents and friends. My daughter (4 years old) and I came up with a idea for her hat. We bought a white sun hat at the local store, and brought it home and used food coloring and water to mix up 3 different colors. She took a medicine dropper and painted her hat with all 3 colors (letting the colors mix). We let it dry overnight. She had requested a butterfly to be on it so we bought a very inexpensive small butterfly to attach to the front (any small spring item would work.) The hat turned out great and she was able to do most of herself. This project was very inexpensive total $5.00 in all and she was proud of her accomplishment.

HANGING YARN EASTER EGG (An activity for older children)

You need: round balloons, 3″ to 12″ pieces of scrap yarn, liquid starch.

Blow up a round balloon, soak the yarn scraps in liquid starch until wet. One piece at a time, lay the wet yarn on the balloon, placing them in all directions and overlapping them until the balloon is about 75% covered. Let dry by hanging from a line the over newspaper. When dry, pop the balloon and remove from egg. You can hang these from the ceiling or cut a hole in the front and place easter grass and surprises inside.

VARIATIONS: using masking tape a jar lid to the bottom of the balloon to give it a flat surface, using crochet thread, continually wrap the balloon with crochet thread until at least 75% covered, be sure to wrap in all directions. Soak the covered balloon in liquid starch until soaked, let dry by hanging the over newspaper. Once again, you may sit these these out for display, or cut a hole in the front and place easter grass ans surprises inside. This works best for older children due to the long winding technique when using crochet thread.

For Easter, I put Easter grass in my sand table and take plastic eggs, small and large, and desperate them. Have the children hunt for the egg halves that match (by color and size) and put the eggs together.

The Counting Jar –

Get a jar of counters, a bowl and some pre-written papers that say: “I counted ______ jelly beans.” (change counters according to months such as silver stars, marshmallows, candy hearts, etc.). Child dumps counters into the bowl and counts them back into the jar. Adult writes down the last sequenced number the child counted to on their paper. Child may have 1 jelly bean to eat; from another container, that is.

We made living Easter baskets out of white decorated styrofoam bowls, added a handle with staples and Oak tag. We planted grass seed…(Rye is VERY good) water and cover with plastic wrap, or put in a large baggie. Let the baskets sit in the sun, wait only a few days for grass to sprout, remove baggies, and add plastic eggs filled with goodies, we used goldfish crackers.

Have fun, these are great! and last a VERY long time. some of our parents planted theirs in the lawn when they were through!

Easter Activities

Easter Activities for preschool through second grade.