Earth Day Science

preschool earth day curriculum

Talk to local businesses that sell small trees. See if you can get a donation or discount. Plant together and discuss the trees role in the environment in making fresh air, and even land erosion.

Air Pollution

materials needed: milk cartons, Vaseline

Cut out different shapes out of the plastic milk cartons – butterflies, birds, flowers, etc. have children rub Vaseline on cutout. Punch hole in and tie yarn on end. Take outside and hang on tree or fence – observe how dirty it gets. Talk about what causes air pollution.

Water Pollution

Materials needed: old black marker, two glasses of water, two stalks of celery

take tip out of black marker – place into one of the glasses of water. Place a stalk of celery in each glass. Observe.

Mining Rocks

Materials needed: chocolate chip cookies, blunt plastic needles, or toothpicks

Children dig out the “rocks” (chocolate chips) with their tools.

Three weeks before Earth Day my class and I discuss what is bio-degradable and what is not. We choose several items to bury in the playground. On Earth Day we dig them up and see the changes (or not) the items went through.