Earth Day Art

For older children 5-6 you can discuss recyclable materials and have them cut out pictures from magazines and use real materials such as newspaper and plastic to make a collage.
The Rain Stick (Another neat way to recycle paper towel tubes…) I used paper towel rolls to make Rain Sticks for a 2nd-grade class.
We first read a book about The Rain Stick, then we made our own like this:

You will need:

Paper towel rolls Brown packing tape (or any kind of tape you can paint on) Brown tempera paint Toothpicks White glue Rice I pre-poked holes in them (a lot of holes) before the kids started to work on it and I also covered one end of the roll with tape. Use tape you can paint on.

The kids then painted their stick with brown tempera paint. Let the stick dry then have the kids put toothpicks through one hole and out another. Glue both ends of the toothpick. The whole idea is to have the toothpicks going in at different angles to make the required sound. Have an adult cut off any protruding ends of the toothpicks.

Each child then fills their roll with rice. I had them decide on their own how much to use; just have them put the rice in a little at a time and have them flip it back and forth so they could hear the “rain” sound they wanted. (It won’t take a lot of rice though.)

Tape up the other end with paint-able tape and, there you have it, a rain stick!!!!!

There are packing pieces made out of starch that when slightly wet, stick together. you need: packing pieces, shirt cardboard, sponges wet with colored water. The children are instructed to touch the packing pieces onto the wet sponges then stick them onto the cardboard and to each other to build interesting and creative structures. (they do not need to be very wet to stick to each other)

Cut out a circle shape and let the children paint it blue. This represents water. The next day, paint the children’s hand green and let them put their hand prints on top of the water to represent land.