Earth Day Art

Using green and blue water (food coloring), have children use an eyedropper to drip colors onto a coffee filter. They love watching the coffee filter absorb and spread the colors. Looks like the Earth when finished!


We make “little earths” with: Coffee filters and blue and green colored water (with food color) and eyedroppers

Fill a muffin tin with blue water and green colored water The children use the eyedropper to pick up the water and place it on the coffee filter. (great for small motor control), When they dry, they look like the Earth…at times I label…Happy Earth Day 20___.

Trash Monster Supplies:
2 Paper Grocery Bags Pipe Cleaners Construction Paper

Get 2 large paper grocery bags for each child. Cut a large oval out of the bottom of one. Slide it into the other bag, open end first, so that the oval is on top. The oval will be the monster’s mouth. Decorate the top of the bag with construction paper eyes, mouth, hair, whatever. Poke a small hole on the top center, about 2″ from the edge, and another on the back, about 3″ from the top. Run a pipe cleaner thru the two holes and twist together to make a handle. Then take the monsters for a walk, and “feed” them any trash you find. Also looks cute for a trash bag in the child’s room. To empty and reuse, untwist the pipe cleaner and pull the top bag out, empty and replace. —submitted by Barb G. in Iowa. This idea was taken from the book Every Day is Earth Day by Kathy Ross.

Every year we have an art festival. We celebrate recycling and how it saves the earth one way we do this is by asking the children to recycle at home. They bring in their recycled products to school and we make beautiful art mosaics out of then they just create their own using partners or groups and they can glue paint tape whatever they may want to use or all three and then we have a display set up so the parents can visit their child’s art work.

Cooperative Earths
Materials needed: Circle patterns, blue, green, brown tempera paint, smocks, a partner for each child.

Introduce the children to the Earth by showing them a globe. Point out the different colors on the globe – and what each color represents. Be sure to point out the amount of blue.

Have the children paint their circles blue. When finished with blue – the children have a partner. On one partners Earth drop brown tempera paint – on the other partners drop green tempera paint. The two place each others Earths together (face down) and press – When lift up – they will have an impression of the Earth made with a friend.