Earth Day Art

preschool earth day curriculum

Our EarthDraw a large circle on a sheet of 12×18 construction paper. Provide blue and green paint for children to sponge paint the circle. Pull apart cotton balls and gently place on top- clouds. I usually add the caption, “The Earth We Love.” Looks really cute when finished.


Cover the work surface with newspaper. Place a tub of each of the following on the art table or floor: sand, dirt, salt, gravel.

Have small pitchers of water plus old bowls and spoons nearby. Let each child concoct an earthcake by choosing some of the materials in the tubs, mixing them in a bowl with water. Let the earthcakes dry. Have the children collect items on a walk to decorate their cakes, such as twigs, grass, stones, etc.

Have children bring in an empty cereal box. Have children paint cereal box and attach the letter “L” for litter. Go for a walk and gather litter cleaning up the neighborhood. Sort the litter when you return with the children in playground into the correct containers for recycling. (i.e. newspaper, cans, glass, etc…)

We made “Earth Day Necklaces” (or you could make bracelets) with our 3-5-year-olds. It is a two-day project. You need clean dirt (a few cups), glue, paperclips(1 per 3-5-year-olds green and blue paint. First you mix the dirt and glue to a nice moist consistency (maybe 3 parts dirt and 1 part glue) just enough glue to keep the dirt together. Children roll about 1-2 teaspoonfuls of the dirt into small balls with their hands. Stick the paperclip in the top of the ball. Let harden and dry overnight. Day 2 ..When dry paint with green and blue paints. Put the string through the paperclip and wear for necklace or bracelet. If worn around the neck please watch child carefully for safety reasons so the necklace doesn’t get caught on something.

To celebrate Earth Day, I make Recycle Paint Prints with my preschoolers. First, I collect some interesting plastic recyclable containers. I also have the kids bring in something that can be recycled. At the art table, set out trays of tempera paint and white paper. The kids dip the bottom of the containers in the paint and make prints on the paper. You would be surprised by the shapes they will make. Some pop bottles (Coke) even look like flowers!! Have fun!!