Dramatic Play Ideas

Optometrist Office/Eyeglass Store

Materials: Eye Charts, Mirrors, Sunglasses bought at Dollar Store with lenses popped out, Cash Register, pennies or play money, posters, pictures of people wearing glasses, white lab coats, cameras, film, Arthur books, other eye-related reference books.

Activity:  Fast Food Restaurant

Materials to have on hand:

play cash register
play money that the children have made
play food
unused items from any fast food restaurant
If you go to any fast food joint and tell them that you are a teacher who is setting up a pretend fast food restaurant. Normally, they are very happy to oblige and will give you anything that your little heart desires!  Also, the kids love using “real” items for their restaurant.

Activity:  Lawn/Garden Service

Materials to have on hand:

a gardening hat

gardening aprons

the remnant of green turf-like carpet from a carpet store

play lawn mowers

gardening gloves

watering cans


toy weed “wackers” (available at K-Mart)

pieces of hose (about 3-4ft. lengths) with handled

spray nosles attached with duct tape

plastic flower pots

plastic flowers


toy rake, shovel, and hoe

gardening tools (handheld trowel, shovel, rake)

styrofoam “peanut” type bits (to be leaves which need raking,

soil to put in pots, dirt to be dug in..let the kids go wild with it 🙂

I set up this dramatic play area in an out-of-the-way corner (which became our backyard) when we were talking about spring. The children knew just what to do with it. They needed little or no direction from the teachers. It encouraged great social interaction and cooperation in “getting the yard work done”!

Activity  Animal Hospital

The children can brainstorm ways to make the area look like an animal hospital. Let them make a sign and decorate the area themselves.


cotton swabs

empty milkbone boxes

cloth bandages


rubber gloves

long white lab coats






baskets with pillows and blankets for overnight guests

dogfood dish

water dish

stuffed animals from home



plastic (toy) shots

Activity    The Beach

Set the scene:

Have the children paint a sun and clouds to hang from the classroom ceiling
Fill your water table with wet sand, shovels, shells, and pails to make sand castles
Make an “ocean” by marking off an area in your classroom with blue tape

Beach chairs
Beach Towels
Empty suntan lotion bottles
Old sunglasses
Old swimsuits the children can put on over their clothes
Beach Toys

Activity     Camping

Set the scene

A circle of rocks and logs for a “campfire”
Make a “lake” by marking off an area in your classroom with blue tape
A tent- a real one or a big box or several chairs draped with a sheet to make a tent

Old camera’s
Old flashlights
Pots and pans for campfire cooking
Sleeping bags
“Wild” stuffed animals ie:  bears, deer, squirrels, etc….
Fish for the lake
“Fishing poles”
Swimsuits for swimming in the “lake”