Dragon Games

“The dragon” This game encourages the children to work as a team. The children all stand together in a line holding onto the waist of the person in front. When the teacher says, go, the front end of the dragon tries to catch the tail end of the dragon. The children need to work as a team to keep the dragon connected – if the tail is caught by a disconnected front end it doesn’t count. – A word of warning – be careful about which child you choose to put at the front – your fastest and most boisterous would not be a good choice! The game is great fun but do remind the children to be careful of each other – I recommend the game for school age children – six years and up.

For the Chinese New Year, add a dragon snout to the front of a large paper bag. Cut eye holes in the bag. Attach a long piece of material (a sheet works if you don’t have anything else) to the back bottom edge of the bag. The teacher wears the dragon head and the children fall in under the “tail”. It is lots of fun to be a dragon in a “parade” and weave around the school and playground.

Capture the Dragon – Select various types of cardboard boxes to make a dragon shape. Cover the boxes with glue and construction paper. Decorate with pieces of cut paper. Add a paper tail and features to the head. Cut three long, thin strips of poster board. Staple the ends of each strip together to make three hoops. To Play – Toss the hoops over the dragon’s head. The player who gets the most hoops over the head wins.