Dr. Seuss Snacks

This is a fun snack to make with the children after reading Green Eggs and Ham. You will need pretzel sticks, 1 package of white chocolate chips and some green smarties or M&M’s. Each child places two pretzels on wax paper side by side leaving a small space between them. Melt the chocolate chips and drop the melted chocolate over each set of pretzels for the egg yolks. Place one of two green smarties on top of the yolk and let them harden. You now have green eggs and ham treats to eat.

The Student Education Association at my university went into a school to do Dr. Seuss activities with children for Read Across America Day. One of my classmates came up with the idea of making sugar cookies, covering them with white icing, and putting a glob of green icing in the center. It was a really simple way to do green eggs for the children.

After reading Dr. Seuss’s Green Eggs and Ham, make a snack with the children of green eggs and ham. This will show them how the eggs change color using food coloring. An extension from this would be to then ask the children what colored eggs and ham they would like to make and create a class story about their green eggs and ham.

For Dr. Seuss’s birthday this year my daycare made a HUGE ‘cat in the hat’ birthday cake. I purchased 2 vanilla cake mixes and 2 strawberry cake mixes; 2 vanilla frostings and a large jar of strawberry jam. We measured and mixed and baked our cakes; watched impatiently while they cooled and then layered and frosted them. It was very exciting to build a high cake! Of course, we patterned the layers alternating red and white. I served the cake slices on a large pretty paper plate (so I could cover the leftovers with plastic wrap to send home).

Eat blue goo and drink pink ink for Dr. Seuss birthday!! Read the classic “Fox in Sox” to your students…then treat them to a wacky snack. Blue raspberry Jello jigglers and pink lemonade will do nicely! Enjoy!

This is an idea my niece’s school did. They had Dr. Seuss week and one morning they had green eggs and ham for breakfast, they put food coloring in the eggs and scrambled them well. I thought that it was a very clever idea. Hope you enjoy it.