Dr. Seuss Games

Have the children bring in their favorite pair of shoes on the day you read The Foot Book. Have the children wear their shoes for a footwear fashion show. We made a picture of each pair of shoes and made a flap book called Whose Shoes? with the shoe picture on the top of the flap and they can lift the flap to see a picture of the child that wore the shoes. You can also graph the shoes by category: house shoes, tennis shoes, sandals, etc.

At the conclusion of our Dr. Seuss unit, we had a graph with a photocopy of the books we had read. The children put their symbols under their favorite Dr. Seuss book. We counted each column and talked about which on had the most/least. We then reread the class favorite with the most votes.

We made silhouettes of the children on black paper, cut them out, and glued them on white construction paper. After reading The Shape of Me and Other Stuff, we let the children guess who the silhouettes were. We put the silhouettes on the book center for the children to explore and they will later be sent home as a keepsake. They loved it!

After reading “Marvin K Mooney Will You Please Go Now”. Play a game using the children’s ideas of ways to “go”. Line the children up. The leader decides on a “way to go” (hopping, hanging onto an elephants tail, on a bike, etc.). He/she leads the line acting out the chosen way and the class follows and joins in. Then switch leaders.

The Cat in the Hat does a lot of balancing. Select several items that can be stacked and have the children attempt to see how many they can balance, either on the floor or actually balancing on their hands.