Dr. Seuss Art

Following a reading of THE CAT IN THE HAT, the students were given a tag board fish bowl and diluted blue tempera pain (watercolors would have worked but we were afraid of color mixing). While those dried the students were asked to pretend they were fish in a fishbowl (as part of a first grade benchmark that addresses interpreting text through movement, drawing, acting, etc) and their picture was taken. The photos were printed, cut out and glued to their fishbowls in an interesting way. The bowls were then stacked on various parts of the Cat in the Hat. It’s fun to have fun but you have to know how!

After reading One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish I had my class glue on goldfish crackers on a piece of construction paper in which I cut out to look like a fish bowl. I even used colored goldfish crackers for the red and blue! When it dried, I wrapped the bowl with plastic wrap to make it look more like a fish bowl. We even served goldfish crackers for snack that day!

The Foot Book

After reading the foot book we have “FOOT DAY”, First the kids can get their feet painted and walk across the butcher paper, then they can soak their feet in a warm sudsy foot bath, after that they can pick out some great smelling lotion(check with parents for any allergies) and put it on their feet, I also tape some bubble wrap to the floor for them to walk and jump on. We always have a great time on foot day.

Start by reading “The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins” Pre-fold traditional origami hats for each kid (I promise it’s not too hard) Then they can decorate however they want.

After reading “The Sneetches”, I had a pre-done outline of a Sneetch. My kids then colored them and I had sticky stars on the table for them. Some added 1 or 2 stars and some had none.

Read “Oh, the places you go!” and have the children name the places they go throughout the day or week in school. On large white paper draw small illustrations for the places the children give and then draw tracks to track the places they go. This can also be done on large white paper and have the children make feet or hand prints from paint tracking the places they go.