Disney Art

Provide the children with a large circle stencil (which will represent Mickey Mouse’s head), two smaller circle stencils (that will represent his ears) and black construction paper. The children can trace the stencils, cut them out and then glue them onto paper to look like Mickey Mouse shadows.

The children can make Dalmatian paper for “101 Dalmatians” by tearing a piece of black construction paper into small pieces and then gluing it onto a piece of white construction paper.

We had our three year olds glue white pieces of felt on a brown piece of construction paper in the shape of a deer for Bambi.

We had our three year olds glue glitter on a pattern of a glass slipper for Cinderella.

Disney Collage

Using Black construction paper make the shape of Mickey Mouse’s head, from Disney magazines or any other type of magazine cut out pictures of Disney character’s and paste them onto the Mickey head.