Dinosaur Songs

A song my 3’s like is “Dinosaur Dance”. It is on the cassette tape “Once Upon A Dinosaur” Created By: J. Murphy & Music by d. buck. KIMBO is the label. The song has the children act out dancing like a brontosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, a omithomimus, & ankylosaurus. It is a real peppy song, great for large muscle, & be sure to have lots of room to move.

Stegosaurus Song

My name is Stegosaurus, I’m a funny looking dinosaur.
For on my back are many bony plates and on my tail there’s more.
Sometimes another dinosaurus comes up and wants to fight,
I don’t use fists, I use my tail.
It has four sharp, sharp spikes.

One Friendly Dinosaur

One friendly dinosaur wanted to play peek-a-boo.
She found another, then there were two.
Two friendly dinosaurs looked behind a tree.
They found another, then there were three.
Three friendly dinosaurs went to find some more.
They found another, and then there were four.
Four friendly dinosaurs in the water did dive.
They found another, and then there were five.
Five friendly dinosaurs played in the sun.
They all ran to hide; now there are none.

Dinosaurs of Long Ago

The dinosaurs lived long ago,
and walked like this, and that. (Slow, heavy walk movement.)
Some were large (Stretch hands upwards.)
and some were small. (Crouch down.)
Some liked water (Swimming motions.)
and some just walked on land. (Stomp feet.)
Some had wings, that flapped and flapped. (Flap arms.)
Some had long necks, that stretched and stretched. (Hand on neck stretching upward.)
The meanest, rudest one of all was ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex. (Feet apart, hands claw-like, scowl and growl.)
These were the dinosaurs of long ago.
Goodness gracious, where did they go?

We play Dinosaur in the Dell. It gives the children a chance to say the dinosaur names and to pretend to be dinosaurs.

Five Crazy Dinosaurs

5 crazy dinosaurs sweeping the floor
1 got swept away, then there were four
4 crazy dinosaurs chased by a bee,
1 got stung, then there were 3
3 crazy dinosaurs playing with glue,
1 got stuck, then there were 2
2 crazy dinosaurs out for a run
1 fell down, then there was 1
1 crazy dinosaur acting like a hero
He went out to save the others, then there were zero
(“Dinosaur” can be changed to any animal:)