Dinosaur Snacks

Be a Paleontologist – excavate a chocolate cookie with paintbrushes and toothpicks.

The staff at the center sponge painted a watermelon and we hid it outside and took the children for a dinosaur egg hunt. (you could also use several small melons). When the children found the egg, we touched it, shook it, listened to it and waited to see if it would hatch. At the end of the day, we reminded the children to check the egg in the morning. Before the first child arrived, a staff cut the melon enough in the middle that it could pull apart easily later. At circle time, we opened up the egg and surprised the children with watermelon for snack!

Make a dino nest by melting butterscotch, Peanut Butter, or Chocolate chips and chow-mein noodles. Drop in muffin tins or just shape on wax paper. Make Peanut Butter Play-dough by mixing equal amounts of Peanut Butter and Nonfat dry Milk and a little honey (about 2 TBS for 1 cup of each of other 2 ingredients) and shape into eggs. Yum!

Dinosaur Egg Hunt Large watermelon Brown/Green Tempra paint mixed thick. Paint, allow to dry, and then hide the egg on the playground. Let children search for the egg. Teacher washes off the watermelon. Since the paint is Tempra it will wash right off and the children are able to eat the watermelon once the paint is completely removed and the neat thing is yo can say it was a watermelon instead of a dinosaur egg because dinosaurs are extinct. Kids love the anticipation of the hunt, searching for the egg, getting surprised that it is a watermelon, and getting to eat their egg.

This is a unique dinosaur snack. Put coconut you have colored green in the bottom of a cupcake holder. Place a powder sugar donut hole on top. Stick a gummy dinosaur coming out of the donut hole and you have a dinosaur nest.

T-Rex Teeth: Cut bananas in half, spread with melted butterscotch chips, dip in graham crackers…presto! (I let my older children do the spreading and dipping, and my younger children rolled the rolling pin to smash the graham crackers.)