Dinosaur Science

Dinosaurs and Sensory Table: bleach chicken bones, bury in the sand. Provide your young paleontologists with magnifying glasses and paint brushes to “clean” their dinosaur bone discoveries.

My children really enjoy it when I freeze a plastic dinosaur in a bowl of water and they can chiseled away with a butter knife or any other appropriate kitchen utensil. It keeps them busy for a while and provides a fun way to talk about where the dinosaurs went.

Divide Crayola Model Magic into small handful portions for all the kids. Then tell them to make it as flat as a pancake. Ask if anyone knows what fossils are. Talk about that. Next put out various shapes of pasta and sequence and the the children can make their own fossils by pressing the items into their model magic. Let this dry 24 hours and the kids can take it home.

Treasure Stones: You’ll need the following materials: 1 cup flour 1 cup used coffee grounds 1/2 cup salt 1/2 cup sand 3/4 cup water Mix the dry ingredients together, Slowly add water and knead until the mixture is like bread dough. Break off a piece and roll it to a size of a baseball. Make a hole in the center of the ball and fill with goodies, small dinosaurs, gold coins (whatever you’ll like depending on what your theme is!). Fill the hole with some more of the mixture. Let it air dry or put it in the oven at about 125 for aprox. ten to fifteen minutes. You can “hide” the stones and the kids could find them and break them open to find a treasure!!

Materials: small natural object petroleum jelly plaster of Paris water margarine tub

Procedure: Allow each child to choose an item to “fossilize”, such as a shell, bone, leaf etc. Coat it with the jelly, and pour some plaster of Paris and water in a small dish. Mix well. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes then press the object into the mix. let sit for at least one day. When plaster has completely dried, remove the object. The imprint left behind will resemble a fossil.

This is a great activity when discussing the never ending topic DINOSAURS!

When we were studying dinosaurs, I printed out a bunch of plain black and white stegosaurus’ that the children can color. then I had them use white beans, like great northern beans and glue them onto the steg. where the bones are on their backs. The children loved them and we put them up on the wall walls.