Dinosaur Games

Make edible play dough (using peanut butter, powdered milk and honey). Have children shape the play dough into egg shapes. Give each child a small paper bowl and a handful of chow mien noodles. The chow mien noodles form the nest. The “eggs” are placed in the nest and then add dinosaur shaped gummies to represent dinosaur babies that have already hatched. The students will love this cooking project and they can eat it for snack when they’re done!

When talking about dinosaurs hide plastic Easter eggs on the playground and have a dinosaur egg hunt. The class is sure to love it.


One of the children is the T-rex, and the others are all plant-eaters. Make a square area with cones, big enough so the children can run around without bumping into each other. The T-rex needs to tag the plant-eaters. When he tags them, they fall to the ground, and stay there. When the T-rex has tagged all of the plant-eaters, the last person to be tagged is the T-rex. Children love this game! You need to make sure they just tap each other. Sometimes they get carried away. Good for outdoors!

I pre-traced dinosaur shapes on a color of paper that the student chose. They then added stripes, circles, triangles, etc… or some colored the feet, spikes, etc… We then wrote a story for each My dinosaur is (what color) and it has 1 triangle, 2 purple squares, 10 stripes, etc…. They loved the idea that they wrote a story and counted the shapes.

When studying Dinosaurs, I make several different large dinosaurs. I punch a hole in the top and thread yarn through to make a necklace. During circle time, I will choose a child to be a dinosaur. I hang the necklace on the child’s back so that they cannot see what they are wearing. One at a time, the rest of the children provide clues about the dinosaur. The child wearing the necklace has to guess who they are according to the clues. This works great for building questioning skills, and helps the children to master concepts about the dinosaurs. This activity works well with any Unit you are teaching.

Play duck duck goose, only change it to Triceratops, triceratops, BRONTOSAURUS!! The brontosaurus gets up and runs around the circle. The kids love this game, and it is great for their gross motor!!