Dinosaur Games

Tarpit Tag is played just like TV Tag. When a child is tagged, he must call out the name of a dinosaur or go to the tarpit! The kids love it!

Dinosaur Dig

Hide mini-dinos all over the “sand area” and have the children do a dig for bones or fossils.

Tie large paper grocery sacks on the children’s feet. The sacks will be their dinosaur feet. Let them stomp around to music. Wee-Sing has a great dinosaur music tape.

Make dino footprints and put in a circle on the rug. I use double sided sticky tape so the footprints stay in one place. The children then go around the circle stepping on the footprints. When the music stops the one not on the dino footprint is out. (They get to operate the tape player until the next person is out. No one feels left out this way.) The children always love this game. Have fun!!!!!!!!

After talking about Dinosaurs and reading a story, you could use a real bone or one you made and hide it in the sandbox and have the children find it. The one that finds it gets to hide it the next time.

Editors Note: Make sure that you boil the bones in bleach water and let them dry before letting the children handle them. This kills all the germs that are on the bones. Also, make sure you do not use any sharp bones.