Dinosaur Games

Don’t Fall into the Swamp! Will need to regular size jump ropes. set the two jump ropes parallel to each other (representing a swamp) The children jump across them trying not to jump in the swamp. Move jump ropes farther apart after each attempt.

Dino Bone Search. Have the children paint dog bones (The Lg. Dog Biscuits) white. When they dry, put each child’s name on a bone w/ permanent marker. Hide them throughout the class room and ask each child to sit in circle once they have found a bone. Now, they need to look at the name on the bone and give it to that friend. This would be for 4-5 year old children.

Dino Dino Who Has Your Bone. This game is played with one player closing his eyes. One of the other players hide the dino bone. When ready, all players sing, “dino dino who has your bone, somebody stole it from your home…..guess who.” A dog’s chew toy bone makes a good dino bone.

For our dinosaur unit, I turned our sensory table into a place to hunt for dinosaur bones. I filled the table with white beans, and then took 2 or 3 of our dinosaur puzzles and hid them in the table. The kids had a blast looking or “hunting” for the dinosaurs!

You can select a student to pretend to be a different type of dinosaur,while the student is modeling his/her dinosaur have the other students guess what that person might be. Also, you can change the concept by changing up various time periods. The children will enjoy it!!!!!

Mark off a ten foot circle on the rug/floor with masking tape. Do not tell the children what it is for. Hide 6 inch dinosaur teeth around the room before they get there. During group time I tell the children to be dinosaur detectives and go searching for these white pieces of paper and bring them back to group. As they bring them back I tape them along the tape. We then try to figure out what it is. It is the jaw of a T-Rex, it can open to 10 feet wide. We figure out how many kids fit inside, what else is big enough to fit inside??