Dinosaur Art

This is a fun project to do while studying dinosaurs. We made paper mache dino eggs. I stuffed a balloon for each child with a small baby dinosaur figure. Then a blew the balloon up and tied a knot in it. The children put the paper mache on the balloon. We let these dry and then painted green with black and brown speckles on them. After this I popped the balloons. After taking these home the children were told that it was time for the egg to hatch. After they cracked the egg open they were very surprized to find a baby dino.

Dino Art – go hunting for dino bones! Mix white glue and black paint to a “goopy” consistency and paint on to paper. Use uncooked pasta as the bones and have the children arrange them in the paint. Instant tar pit!


Cut out a dinosaur out of construction paper, (try to use more durable paper). Have the children bring in a small bag of their favorite cereal. Then let them glue on all the different types of cereal all over their dinosaur, to make a cerealsauras. It’s cute to watch which cereal they pick and if they have some sort of pattern or just place it all over. Either way it’s really cute and makes for an interesting bulletin board.

Make dinosaur eggs! Make your favorite play clay but rather then adding color, substitute wheat flour. Let the chilren form their eggs with the wheat flour and dry them overnight. Let them paint their eggs when they are dry.

OR…..buy a bunch of small and CHEAP dinosaur figures and do the above activity only let the children form the eggs around the dinosaur and when the eggs are dry and decorated let the children break open their eggs to reveal the dinosaur.

Another fun activity is to make dinosaur tooth necklaces. It is made out of modeling goop. (a salt based dough). I show the children how to make a tooth shape out of the dough. At the thick end of the tooth we make a hole by pushing a pencil through it. Let it set and dry for a few days. (Next time we do this activity I am going to try my dehydrator) Give each child a length of yarn, ribbon or elastic. Lace it through the teeth, and tie in the back. Presto, you have a dinosaur tooth necklace. The children enjoy the whole process and are very proud of their creations.

Another activity we do for dinosaur week is to make Lime play dough. Just add a package of lime-flavored jello before adding the boiling water. Believe me it looks Dino green and smells great. The kids love to make dino’s out of it and also use dinosaur cookie cutters. They always enjoy this activity.

Cut out a dinosaur from cardboard. Use cardboard (paper) egg cartons for the top/back of dino. Let the children glue them on (about 5). Use one cardboard “egg holder” for each foot. Let the children paint w/ tempra paint. Use wiggle eyes. This is very cute. For younger children I do the first steps, then they paint them.