Dinosaur Art

To make dinosaurs reappear, we(before hand the teacher would) take white Rose Art crayons and trace around dino shapes and making thick lines using a lot of pressure (I have stencils made from cardboard) onto white paper and have the children watercolor their paper and suddenly the dinosaurs have appeared before their eyes! The Crayola crayons are not as good to use for this.

Trace around a child as they lay on a large piece of butcher paper. Add horns or spikes or tail or anything else child wants. Let child color and cut out “dinosaur”. They can be named –such as teacherasaurus or child’s name asaurus. Make your classroom full of dinosaurs.

Cerealosaurus Trace a brontosaurus on light green construction paper. Child then glues cereal on dinosaur. After it dries, it is fun to paint. works with 2-5 yr. olds.

We make adorable dinosaur shadow boxes…each child paints the sides and back green and the bottom panel brown of any size shoebox. we then add dirt, crushed shells, moss, ferns, etc. to make it look like a dinosaur landscape. Then we color small dinosaur cutouts and stand them up inside the box..cute when finished!!

Give each child pre-cut dinosaur shaped construction paper and let them design their own dinos. Affix each dinosaur to it’s own lager background paper shaped as an egg. Let the children tell you facts about their dinosaur, like what it eats, if it was friendly. write the facts on the background sheet and label each dinosaur according to the child’s’ name. e.g. Kim’s’ dino would be a Kim-o-saraus John’s would be a John-o-saraus,etc.The kids are very proud of their creations and it makes for a great bulletin board.


Tape bubblewrap of all sizes to table-bubble side up.Using sponge rollers let children roll green/yellow/brown paint onto bubble wrap.Print on various paper by rubbing paper placed onto painted bubblewrap.Used for making dino-hats. cutting dinosaur shapes etc.This comes out great and toddlers love it!