Dinosaur Art

Draw around a student on a large sheet of paper. Let children design their own “student saurus” let their imagination run the gamut of colors and appearance.

I had the kids dig for a little plastic dinosaur in our sand box. Then they pressed it into some air drying clay to make a fossil! When it was dry they got to paint it.

For Dinosaurs we have fun “creating our own dinosaurs” I give each child a cutout of a dinosaur and I have a bunch of different collage material: cotton, glitter, tissue paper, sand etc. Then they pick one of these items and glue them on their: cotton-saurus, tissue-saurus, sand-a-saurus (well you get the picture) the kids love it and it is a great bulletin board display as well!

To make a dinosaur fossil make up plenty of brown playdough. Kids press the playdough about one inch thick onto paper plates. Press chowmein noodles into the playdough in the shape of a fossil. Its a good Idea to use a picture to make up one fossil for the kids to follow as an example. Then press dry sand in and around noodle fossils and allow playdough to harden. You could also put some glue on noodles for a more permanent fossil.

A) to make a dinosaur egg nest take a paper bowl, and press a thin layer of brown playdough all over the edges. Place moss, and leaves in the bowl. Paint sterofoam eggs, or blown eggs in nest. The kids should paint the eggs. We places one broken egg shell in each nest so it would look like one dinosaur crawled away already. Some of the children pretended that an oviraptor ate the egg. The nest will dry out in a day or so, but will be ready for children to take home right away. This craft is great for kids ages 4-7.

I cut 2 dinosaur patterns for each child, then punch holes all the way around leaving a small part open at the top. The children then ‘stuff’ the dinosaurs to fatten them up. The next step is to have the children lace the dinosaurs to close. For the final step add a yarn hanger on top to make a dinosaur dance.