Dinosaur Art

I put out a large piece of butcher paper. I paint the children’s feet with green, brown, and yellow paint, and then I have them stomp like dinosaurs all over the paper. When it is dry, I cut the paper into large dinosaur footprints and hang it up.

Do we really know what color the Dinos, were? I let the children tell me ” If they were a dino what color would they be? We paint our dinos , and have some very pretty dinos pink, red, poke-a-dots. You name it.

to make a dino fossil that the children can carefully chip out, I use real, bleached chicken bones in a plaster cast. Just mix the plaster according to package directions, looks more authentic if you add a bit of sand, place the chicken bones in mold, allowing a tiny bit showing, (incentive) put out with goggles, small chisels, small hammer and soft cloth to wrap fossil in. Fun activity for all those future paleontologist.

We made a traveling book. Each of the children drew themselves as dinosaurs and dictated to us what they were doing in the picture. We labeled each page with their new dinosaur name (example Joshasauraus) The children loved sharing the book with their families.


Trace a dino for the child to cut out Then provide scraps for them to tear and glue on.

Circle-O-Saurus – I cut several sizes of circles and let the kids make dinosaurs out of circles. They really turned out cute, and the kids had fun with it.