Dinosaur Art

I dye dinosaur shaped noodles and then let the kids glue them onto large black poster board shaped as a brontosaurus. The black really brings out all the bright colors of the noodles!

We make dinosaur fossils by using coffee play dough. First we make the play dough, the we press small dinosaurs to make an impression. The play dough has a unique texture and feels different when dried.

For a great fossil use small dinosaur figures and Crayola Magic. Give the children a small round ball, have them flatten it and press the dinosaur into the mold. When dries, its a great “plaster fossil”.

When learning about dinosaurs, my 3&4’s love to make a shoeasaurus. The teacher traces around the child’s shoe onto a piece of construction paper then the child can glue on spikes, a tail, legs and feet etc…using scraps of paper and/or other art materials. (glitter glue is a favorite with my kids).

Dino. Footprints Have children press fist into paint onto paper. Then let them use their thumb print for toes.

A variety of uncooked pasta pieces (spaghetti, egg noodles, rotini, etc.) can be glued to black construction paper to make awesome dinosaur skeletons!