Dental Health Songs

This is a song we made up for our preschool, it goes to the tune of “Five Little Ducks Went out to Play” these are the words: Five little germs went out to play, In a child’s mouth one day, It had so much fun inside,

Until we flossed and then one died.
No little germs are in my mouth,
Because I went and flossed them out
Now when the dentist looks inside
No little germs are left to hide.

This is a song that we sign at school about how to brush our teeth. During circle time we “pretend” to take out our toothbrushes, put some toothpaste on them, and brush our teeth… Up and down like a plane and back and forth like a chu-chu train. (do movements with hands)

This is a song my head start class sings when going to brush our teeth.

(To the tune of “This is the way we……so early in the morning.”

This is the way we brush our teeth, brush our teeth, brush our teeth.
This is the way we brush our teeth, so early in the morning.
Brush ’em up and brush ’em down, in little circles or round and round.
Don’t brush ’em from side to side, those sugar bugs will surely hide.

The Dentist Song (Tune: Jimmy Crack Corn) The dentist says, Please brush your teeth. (3x) And you’ll have a healthy smile.

Change the please phrase to the phrase below for more verses: 2) Please floss your teeth. 3) Please eat good food.

Sad tooth, sad tooth, full of decay Sweets caused me to feel this way.

Happy tooth, happy tooth shiny and white, Brushing keeps me beautiful and shining so bright!

I’ve made a happy and sad tooth puppet on a stick to use with this finger play.

Sung to: mulberry bush This is the way we brush our teeth brush our teeth, brush our teeth This is the way we brush our teeth so early in the morning.